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dream big… live now

As a youngster, I ran around the house flying this inflatable plane. It was my favorite Christmas toy. I would fly while in the car... I would buzz around the kitchen... Heck I even flew into this photo, hovered for a bit and then flew away.

I look back now and the plane I remember flying is nothing more then a ridiculous pool floaty that never came close to a drop of water (I was afraid of pools until about 8). Children are masters of living in the moment. At our best we piloted pool floaties, and at our worst we ran into the street and were struck by a car… (not me) There was no planning involved. No work had to be done or people to ask or peers to please or bosses to approve. It was just us, our floaties, and blue skies.

It's important to continue to dream big and live in the moment. We can be whomever we want, whenever we want. There are no rules, no permission, and no regrets. You don't have to wait for success to be a success… You have everything you need now. Imagine the person you want to be (in every aspect) and be it… today.