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Remembering the Challenger

Today is the 30th anniversary of my first aeronautical experience. I remember it like it was yesterday, January 28th, 1986. I was in kindergarten listening to Teddy Ruxpin when my teacher turned on the TV for us to watch Christa McAuliffe blast off into space. After the Challenger Space shuttle blew up, my teacher started crying and we cried with her, though I don’t remember us really knowing what had just happened.

This experience and films like the last Starfighter ignited my interest in space which led to an electrical engineering degree, a job in the space industry, writing scripts about space, and now applying to be an Astronaut. I’ve always been a person with high ambitions and going to the stars is the highest of them all.

So today on the 30th anniversary of the Challenger incident, let us reflect on the sacrifices made in the name of science and continue to be brave and look toward the sky.

Below is a video I made for #NASASocial a few years back about my first aeronautical experience.