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This is part bucket list, part research and a whole lot of fun. I've been working on a film about a pilot and got to a point where I thought.... F*** research let's just go do it. We flew out from Hawthorne airport over the LA Harbor and practiced stalls, engine failure and gliding. The most unexpected part of the flight was the landing. Unlike commercial jets, small planes land nose down BUT when you're flying and you put the nose down your speed increases very quickly... So imagine this... you're flying around at 100 knots on your first flight and you put the nose down and immediately your speed shoots up to 115 knots. But now you're landing and your instructor tells you to put the nose down to land... And I'm like really? Then you figure ok we're at 1000 feet so we have some wiggle room. So I put the nose down, he applies the air brakes and we slow down to 60 knots!!!!! This created a surreal floating sensation because we're slowing down while falling! We had to land early because Obama was in town and thus a flight restriction in place. This project has been such a journey and I'm excited to one day reveal the mess of emotion, joy and tension the characters go through in the film. Stay tuned.