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how to pitch a sci-fi film in 3 minutes

Pitching is hard. Sci-fi pitching is even harder. Here is what I learned from my pitching experience at HBFF.

Just like your screenplay your pitch has to have a structure. Here are the most common pitching types and their structures.

1. Chronological Storytelling

2. Personal Narrative

3. Concentric Circles

 I went with the personal and circular structure. I lead with a personal story/postulation of what future technology will be like. Then I posed a scientific question of the type… What would the world be like if pigs could fly? Then I go on to say "well in my film pigs can in fact fly". Then I went on to describe the film in an abbreviated fashion after which I discussed the a few of the key moments (read act breakpoints including midpoint) in greater detail all the while resisting the urge to go into too much detail on any of the major story elements. KISS applies here. 

By: Arvel Chappell III