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Compton: The Antwon Ross Story "The Journey"

My desire is to share the journey of this project with you. My hope is that it'll encourage you to create that film, that software, that book, that invention which nags you in your sleep. I believe that we're all here to create so I challenge everyone to create worthwhile things and enjoy the journey. 

Eleven years ago I set out to make a coming of age film which had everything... social mobility, good music, and a conscious message challenging everyone to follow their dreams. That film was called "Mannchild" and it was horrible. It was like a "Lords of Dog Town" meets "8 mile" but 140 pages, set in LA, and had every cliche imaginable. Good characters and some good scenes but sucked as a film. While at USC I retooled the film, keeping some of the major characters but completely rewriting the journey. This film was called "Antwon's 8 Tracks" which had way less scope then "Mannchild" and more of an indie spirit. But by the time I graduated from USC I realized this film sucked too so I rewrote the film again.

So after thousands of pages, three completely different story lines, and a wiser, better educated, and more self aware Arvel Chappell III... we have Compton: The Antwon Ross Story. Over the next 5 days I'm going to share more about the project culminating with the launch of the teaser trailer on Friday.