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flippin' the script

I flipped the script! 

That's why I haven't been blogging or podcasting for over a month.

Why? Hollywood asked for a rewrite.

I shared the script with a producer who took the unprecedented step of sending 2000 words of notes. Some of his suggestions were changes I was planning to make while others were things I'd resisted to change. 

This wasn't the first time someone on my query list gave notes but this was by far the most comprehensive.

All the notes I've been getting back were all starting to sound the same so it was time for me to finally listen.

So what changed? 

70 pages deleted and around 46 new pages written. Every scene touched.

The script is more artsy, raw, shorter and thus less expensive to make. All good things. 

Is it a different film? 

It's the same film but told in a much different way. The basic structure remained the same.

Not to get all film schoolish but above is my general sequence structure that I try to follow in my work. I mentioned it in podcast 11 and you can download it here if you'd like. 

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