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stepping my aerial game up

This past Saturday we took to the skies again to shoot more air to air. Why? Five reasons:

  1. To practice shooting aerials ahead of the film (risk reduction)
  2. To make another teaser
  3. To have fun
  4. To find all the cool ways to simulate flight through aerials 
  5. To shoot scenes from the film 

The last time we shot plane to plane aerials I shot them myself with a 7D from a Cessna 170 with the window taped open

This time around we took the door off and shot from a larger Cessna with a RED EPIC. We also placed some cameras securely around the plane. Below are first look stills from what we captured. 

It was exciting to get up in the air to shoot some amazing footage. I can't wait to share the new footage with you.


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