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managing mumbo jumbo


Definitions first:

Mumbo jumbo in a screenplay is the magic that enables the protagonist to kick ass and do the impossible. It's the magic trait, skill, genetics or invention that's imperative and unique to the protagonist. It's what makes him or her special; BUT a little goes a long way and it's very easy to pour on the mumbo jumbo sauce too thick. In Mira Bane, part of the struggle has been defining what mumbo jumbo to run with. Can't have two mumbo jumbos. Double mumbo jumbo is no good. That's too much mumbo on your jumbo and it's a recipe for unrealistic super protagonists that no one can relate to.  And that's the point right? Having relatable characters?

Another epiphany I had while working on this screenplay is to have screenplay requirements. Specifically what I mean is relationship requirements, mumbo jumbo requirements etc. We were struggling with what our mumbo jumbo would be, but after writing down what the mumbo jumbo had to have (it's requirements) we were able to clearly develop it.

Enough writing about writing… time to do work!