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The resistance

Happy New Year! It's 2016 and exciting things are ahead. I rang in the new year, nursing a cold and watchingfireworks in Vegas. As we're all gearing up to realize our potential this year I'd thought I'd share a recap dream I had on New Years... Now this dream I've had a million times with slight variations but the gist of it is: 

I'm running... running fast down down a residential street as fast as I can, and then I jump. My first jump is a regular jump... no real air.
My next attempts reach new levels... Michael Jordan, Spud Webb, until I'm eventually high enough to be considered airborne. In earlier variations I'd flap my arms to stay airborne which only somewhat worked. 
The view from above is stupid... Peaceful. Beautiful... until it's time to come down. The landings are always precarious but somehow I always survive. Not unlike Neo's first jump in the matrix

After I woke up I'm like duh no wonder I'm making this film about flight. I never put the two together until then. Anyhow, I don't think this dream is remarkable since we know humans have wanted to fly since around the time we could start to decipher our ancestors writings. I bet there are hundreds of millions having that same dream every night around the world. They'd dig the film :-)

what does it mean?

Well literally it means I've always wanted to fly. Or maybe that I want to escape something. I read in the physics of superheros book that Superman was born out of the depression era so that makes sense. My recent interpretation (probably because I'm already flying and not escaping anything) is that of work. Before taking flight in my dream there was lots of work and lots of resistance standing on my runway. So in 2016 let's minimize the effect of resistance!

what is resistance?

I'm about to use a scientific definition to talk about something non scientific. Which I hate because unscientific people tend to manipulate other people in this way. I promise to be responsible so here goes: 

Resistance is basically how scientists describe how easily electrons move through materials. The more easily they move through a material the less energy is used and vice versa.  The catch is that whenever you want the circuit to do something useful (like produce light) you're adding in resistance. 

okay so what's the point? 

The point is that there's no work without resistance. It's just part of it. So it's better to accept it and move on without dwelling on it. I want to minimize the effect of resistance in 2016. 

In the war or art Steven Pressfield describes resistance as:

"I think that Resistance, as I define it with a capital R, is that negative force that arises whenever we try to move from a lower level to a higher level. Reaching for a higher level, elicits this equal and opposite negative force."

e all have goals and dreams and there's a million things standing between them and ourselves. Work is what stands between us and our dreams and there is no work without resistance. The way to overcome resistance is by knowing and accepting resistance will come and just taking action anyway. Pressfield calls this turning Pro. A professional just does the work. So in 2016 just do the work! {stepping off stump and going back to work}


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