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"The Journey" Compton Airport (3 more days)

Established in 1924, the Compton airport is one of the lesser known landmarks in Compton. My earliest memories of the airport center around the Aerodrome Beacon on Wilmington and Alondra. At night the beacon would turn and rotate a bright light around a circle much like a light house. As a kid I was mesmerized by this motion.

The airport was always there but with the walls and light beacon it didn't seem like an inviting place. I was well into my adulthood before I ever went there. The truth is that the airport is one of the more friendly airports in all of Southern California and on any given day you can always find pilots and aviation enthusiasts who are willing to talk shop. This is what makes the airport a community friendly place and great place to learn about aviation. I'm happy to introduce the airport to the world through my film.


The Compton airport was actually one of two airports in Compton. The Compton Central Airport (1940 - 1952) was located 1 mile north of Compton airport.