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Back to this.. and I promise to be brief

I thought i'd revisit the Hierarchy of Needs chart because it's one thing to have a theory and it's another to put it into practice. This is how I plan to execute the pyramid. I thought I'd share.

1. Physiological: Eat three meals, get at least 6 hours of sleep, start day with 15 min meditation, exercise at least 45 min a day, end day with 15 min meditation. None of your business on sex, homeostasis and excrement.

2. Safety: Keep paper in my pocket (read keep day job/film jobs), save dough/reduce debt, secure safe and comfortable home.

3. Love/Belonging: Seeing family and friends weekly, entertainment networking, church or service to those less fortunate, emotional and sexual intimacy (again none of your business)

4. Esteem: Following through on items above takes care of this.

5. Self Actualization: Items 1-4 together with my life Mission.

6. Eye of Providence: Self Reflection on items below to ensure nothing gets out of whack.