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ac3 with Endeavour

No not the talent agency. They're merged with William Morris now anyway. Not with them yet at least!

As most of you know my latest script deals with the space Shuttle Challenger so (a few weeks ago) I went and checked out the Shuttle in person as it made it's way to the museum. It was an awesome sight! The pics don't do it justice. While there I was happy to see everyone excited and taking photos. I was also reminded about the people who gave their lives on board the Challenger and Columbia. One of whom, Greg Jarvis, worked for the same company I started working for right out of engineering school, Hughes Aircraft. RIP.

I was a small kid when the Challenger blew up and I still remember it to this day. It is one of my earliest memories. I was watching the broadcast in my kindergarten class and after it blew up I remember my teacher crying and the rest of us trying to figure out why. Her crying made us all cry as well. Sad day.