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Motorcycles, love and cinema...

You can't get more romantic than riding on motorcycle at night. There is just something intimate about racing down the road in an insanely dangerous machine that is "conditionally stable" at best. Here are the top 5 reasons riding two up is sexy. 5. Riding is just sexy in general 4. It looks bad ASS (especially from behind) to everyone else on the road 3. Riding two up is more technically challenging especially at night 2. She has to hold onto you closely 1. She trusts you enough to put her life in your hands

There are two obvious places to film in LA that would be way off the charts romantically. An obvious choice is the much overused (for car commercials) third street tunnel.

And the second is Vincent Thomas Bridge.



Below are two are my favorite motorcycle scenes from Fallen Angel and Love Jones (first 10 seconds).