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Labor Day Weekend Rest.... Not!

This past weekend was labor day weekend. It's usually a time to relax, eat bbq and reflect on how hard you've been grinding that year. This labor day weekend for me was more of a lesson in endurance and hard work so it really felt more like every other day this year. I spent Saturday at USC prepping for a Sunday shoot and also had a chance to catch some of the game. That night I went to a birthday party for my assistant Erin White who I really need to dedicate a whole blog posting towards because she's awesome and has been a good assistant. I'm loosing her soon to D.C and I know I'm going to have a very hard time replacing her. Sunday we had a 7AM call time at USC. Yeah 7AM is tough but I can't complain because I suggested that call time. The shoot was for a webseries I'm working on with Al Thompson and Terry Gingles who both make grown man ish so I jumped at the opportunity to work with them. After the shoot was over I went out to NoHo to break bread with the production team on another film I'm working on with Kimberly Woods. We worked together on Good Grief and we're making changes to the script and spent some time trying to find the voice of the film. I'm excited about this film because it gives me a chance to make something different. I love comedy but have been wanting to do drama again and now I have the opportunity and that's exciting. I also enjoy projects that work across multiple cultures and this film does that as well. Expect something different from me on this one.

Monday I was a model in a photo shoot for my friends clothing line. I'm not saying anything more about that. I'll reserve judgment until I see the images. However I'm acutely aware of how I look at all times... so to relinquish that control was an experience. I spent the rest of the day editing Legalize Me. Mike and I are close to picture lock and I'm very excited to be on this journey with him. We are both excited about sharing it with the world. I know it'll be a life changing journey. In many ways he feels like a brotha from another mutha although I'm not sure he even has a mom... Wait no I did see a photo of her at his sisters house.. lol And I did meet his aunt (maternal) so I guess she does exist. I'm sure I'll get to meet her one day. Maybe at the screening but hopefully I don't have to wait that long.