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Q&A Fail? (what I should have said at the Q&A)

First let me say that I hate Q&A's. Why? Because it reminds me of film school critical studies ego laden over-intellectualization. The movie speaks for itself. So at best I try to be short and sweet. I failed at this last Thursday and Friday at PAFF when I failed to answer at all which in retrospect probably had the exact opposite effect of what I try to avoid by staying short and sweet. I wasn't rude but I should have at least gave a better effort in my answer. There must be a healthy median. Here is what I should have said.

Q: What is the film about? A: The circumstance in Someone Heard My Cry is a stranger giving away her old car to a woman in need. However it is really about relationship reconciliation and God answering prayers.

Now if only I would have said that at the Q&A.