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Sprained ankle and law enforcement

So I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago. How I did it? Well I'm an active dude. But what's more interesting is what I did with all the extra time I had since I basically couldn't walk for a few days and needed to keep busy.... So I made a music video. Why you ask? For the money of course... (you know I'm kidding as their is no money in music videos anymore)

So I did it for fun! Remember that? When we'd go outside and play as kids just for fun? Yeah I did it for those reasons. Let's see if you can get all of the hidden meanings in the video. lol. Always fun to see what people pick up on.

So because of the sprain I was too hurt to go out and shoot anything or work with any actors so I did the next best thing and used video game footage. It took countless hours to make the characters in the game do what I wanted them to do (while getting a pretty shot thanks to cinema mode which is VERY hard to play in) but in the end my GTA actors/ electronic puppets were amazing. BTW I have nothing against the cops... well at least not the good ones. It's such a difficult job and mad props to the people who do it well. I'd make such a bad cop. I would racial profile and abuse the power most definitely so I know I'm not fit. But I do like this song. It was made 10 years ago by one of my favorite artists who has since passed away. This song was his first release as a solo artist. RIP J Dilla!