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Source Code is another Avatar movie. Geez!

"Source Code" is cinemas most recent manifestation of its infatuation with Avatars. Hollywood's Avatar infatuation has been going on for decades now and it's no surprise why; people just like to imagine themselves as others. All story telling, regardless of form, exists to quench our desire to imagine ourselves as others. We get satisfaction from putting ourselves in the characters shoes and judging their actions versus our own and this is the overriding entertainment value of cinema. Avatar stories take this desire further by adding one or more dimensions, because not only do we put ourselves in the characters shoes, but the character is directly putting his or herself into another characters shoes and so on. I am an avid fan of these movies and therefore it pains me when a good idea goes to waste via poor execution. The "Source Code" trailer makes me nervous. I'll reserve judgment till after I see it.

Best Avatar Films Total Recall Matrix Inception Avatar (execution off the charts plus Zoe Saldana was in it)

Good Idea, Bad Execution Avatar Films Surrogates (so unfortunate)

We'll see where "Source Code" fits in.

Source Code