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Top 10 Music Movies

I'm an avid music fan and as such I've always been drawn to music movies. I heard a show on NPR this morning where this guy proclaimed humans need only three things 1) sex, 2) music and 3) gold. Now 1 and 3 are a given, we have to reproduce and we also need a means of exchange, but adding music as a means to our faculty is interesting. I fully adopt this thought although I would also add faith to mix to make it four things humans need. Here are the top 10 music films of all time. 1) Purple Rain

Although Prince's dramatic acting is suspect, this film is still one of my favorites. His skill as a musician and showman make up for his lack of acting chops and the last scene of the film is classic. The scene at the lake also gets honorable mention.

2) Almost Famous

This film is the granddaddy of music films and would have been #1 if it weren't for Prince being the star and force behind "Purple Rain". If Led Zeppelin would have actually been in this film then it may have just beaten out "Purple Rain" notwithstanding the Oscar Win and the force of writer/director Cameron Crowe.

3) Style Wars

This film is important to me because I believe it was the first, if not just simply the best, to capture what hiphop culture is in a non cheesy way. The fact that it's a documentary helps.

4) Krush Groove

This film is the original almost famous of Hip Hop. It covers the rise of Def Jam. It's place in the culture is cemented given the real music artists in the film including: LLCOOLJ

5) Fela Kuti - Music is the weapon

Fela Kuti was OG! This documentary explains the myth, the legend and the man.

6) 8 Mile

8 Mile is by far the best narrative film that contains rapping. Ignore all of the raps that place outside of the club however.

7) Beat Street


8) Selena

Tragic story but I was quite frankly surprised at J Lo's acting ability. Big ups!

9) Mo Better Blues

It's Spike, Denzel and Wesley Snipes. What more needs to be said.

10) Ray

Foxx out did himself on this one.

Honorable Mention 11) Hustle and Flow