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ac3 does hip hop?

Well not quite. I don't have autotune. But I do get down from time to time when it’s time to make music for my projects. And if you’re rolling with me, or at the crib? You’re probably going to hear some music you’ve never heard before in a language you or I don’t speak. Although movies is what I do and I love them to death. Music is the most powerful art and since I'm an avid enthusiast I take it seriously in my film work. Even to the point where I’m currently writing a feature project all about music because someone on Okayplayer said someone should make the Almost Famous of hip hop. Well, yeah I agree so let’s try it! In film we are taught to teach the audience what to feel by the story/visual relationships we set up in ACT I. In music these relationships are inherent to the music itself in a way that tugs emotion. It has to do with Music being related to speech that our brains are just wired for at birth. In other words cinema is just too young to have the same pre-wired (aka built in) emotional effect. One of the cats I've been feeling for like the past decade plus is madlib. This dude is just quite simply out in another world when it comes to hip hop beats. His samples are over the place. And his output is simply stupid. I envy his output and wish I could make as many films in a year as he does albums. I found some of his samples on youtube the other day from his Madvillian, Jaylib and Quasimoto albums. Check 'em out below and some of the original songs. This album is simply an underrated classic.

This one too. RIP J Dilla.