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3D Sucks! Embrace It

I have a love/hate relationship with 3D. As an artist, 3D's potential is exciting because it gives filmmakers additional faculty in which to shape story and emotion. Filmmakers (especially indie's) should embrace this technology and move it forward from the mainstream trickery it has always been. This will happen naturally once the tools (both on the distribution and production sides) become less cumbersome and cost prohibitive. There also are a few monumental technology breakthroughs that we'll need to solve the inherent problems with 3D. We can solve the technological problems but not if the artists and scientists are not pushing the envelope. Filmmakers and scientist please stand up!

As a consumer I hate 3D. What's up with the glasses, headaches, higher ticket costs and software emulated 3D that looks like crap? I want my money back.

Gotta love the ingenuity but here's how not to solve the technology problems. Red Camera 3D rig. Handhold that? Yeah right.