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Top 5 reasons HDSLR has changed filmmaking!

A while back I blogged about HDSLR filmmaking being for real and that blog post was primarily about the fact that real cinematography lenses were being made for the camera. BUT now after having shot a couple of projects on a 7D and prepping a few others, everyone in community knows it's here to stay, at least until the XL3HD comes out. Here are the top 5 reasons HDSLRs are game changing. 1) Price: But not for the reasons you think. Lots of people think that just because the camera is cheap that you can make a movie for cheap but these people have obviously never made a movie. The reason price is such a game changer is because it allows people better tools to develop their craft with. When you're developing your craft you are often shooting with no crew and having a HDSLR in your arsenal unlocks so much more creative potential.

2) Size: Matters! The form factor of the camera lends itself to applications that were virtually impossible with a traditional film or video camera. Being able to throw the camera around and squeeze it into tight spaces opens up more creativity.

3) Dynamic Range: Dynamic range is off the charts. Especially with the 5D.. It hasn't caught up to film yet but the gap is closing.

4) Professional Adoption: This is huge. Professionals have validated the tools and have also provided tutorials and lectures on its strengths and weaknesses including the jello effect.

5) Location fees. Hmmm The line is blurring if you're shooting MOS and don't require a crazy rig. I'll let you make the conclusion. lol